Tribune Media Group, LLC

The Loudoun Tribune

The Loudoun Tribune will be the largest circulation of any newspaper in Loudoun, and second largest in Virginia.

Tribune Media Group, LLC (TMG) is the parent company that produces The Loudoun Tribune. TMG is focused on developing news, advertising and customized business and “fusion media” tools that serve readers, businesses and others.

The Loudoun Tribune is Loudoun’s largest circulation newspaper and digital news source. Launched in June 2016, the Tribune will reach more than 113,000 homes each week – more than both of its major competitors combined. The Tribune is a free, non-subscription newspaper that is delivered to homes by US mail, and it’s bound, tabloid format is unique.

The Tribune is also represented with a website,, that includes all news features of the newspaper, updated stories, advertising and more. The Tribune is on Facebook, and later in 2016 will launch a digital media program that will offer news, information and advertising by email.

Eye-catching and organized by easy-to-follow sections, the Tribune strives to be different. Our editorial approach focuses on breaking news, behind-the-scenes stories, and thought-provoking features and opinions. We’re committed to the highest standards of fairness and integrity in our news coverage, and our opinion pages – while non-partisan – will express a point of view. We’ll follow the facts wherever they take us, and we’ll call things like we see them.

The Tribune will also seek out news about odd and interesting things happening in all parts of Loudoun County. We’ll showcase people and things that make Loudoun special, and our calendars will highlight local community, entertainment and recreational events.