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    Kevin Shay

    Journalist and writer since 1978. Kevin has written or worked for more than 44 different print newspapers and magazines, not including syndicated stories and online ezines and blogs. Those include The Washington Post, [Maryland] Business Gazette, The Dallas Morning News, and Texas Catholic. Kevin is also an accomplished author. His books include Death of the Rising Sun: A Search for Truth in the JFK Assassination [2017]; It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Trip: On the Road of the Longest Family Road Trip in History [2014]; Walking through the Wall [2012]; A Parent’s Guide to Dallas/Fort Worth [2003]; and And Justice For All: The Untold History of Dallas [1999]. Awards include from Unity Awards in Media of Lincoln University, Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association, Bethesda Literary Festival, Local Media Association [formerly Suburban Newspapers of America], American Cancer Society, Texas Press Association, and Dallas Press Club. Also an Eagle Scout and been a Scout adult den leader, youth sports coach and volunteer for numerous organizations.

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  • PROJECT EXILE: Hype or Worth Bringing Back?

    PROJECT EXILE: Hype or Worth Bringing Back?0

    An anti-crime program that was said to have helped thwart violent offenses in Richmond could be revived and expanded statewide, including Loudoun County. Project Exile, which formed in 1997, transferred certain criminal cases — mostly those involved in violent crimes and charged with illegal firearms possession —from local courts to federal jurisdictions. At the time,

  • Would You Live Above A Data Center?

    Would You Live Above A Data Center?0

    Across the country there is a trend to construct mixed-use developments – blending residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and collectively providing a connected community within itself.  The goal – you need not leave the mixed-use community as everything you need is right there. Pictured above

  • Leesburg Sinking: $3M Sinkhole Expense To County

    Leesburg Sinking: $3M Sinkhole Expense To County0

    Fixing a couple of sinkholes and trying to strengthen the area around a planned parking garage so additional degradation doesn’t occur is costing Loudoun County taxpayers about $3 million. Some wonder if the county is tossing away money. “I’m really afraid that we are getting ourselves to an old-fashioned boondoggle, as far as throwing our

  • Casey’s Automotive: New Sterling Location

    Casey’s Automotive: New Sterling Location0

    Walking into Bryan Jewett’s new Casey’s Automotive shop in Sterling is not your typical car repair experience. The clean waiting area includes comfortable custom couches and chairs, a counter with snacks and drinks, and even an area for kids to play. A sign on the wall reads, “Casey’s Café.” We are in the service industry,