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    Kevin Shay

    Journalist and writer since 1978. Kevin has written or worked for more than 44 different print newspapers and magazines, not including syndicated stories and online ezines and blogs. Those include The Washington Post, [Maryland] Business Gazette, The Dallas Morning News, and Texas Catholic. Kevin is also an accomplished author. His books include Death of the Rising Sun: A Search for Truth in the JFK Assassination [2017]; It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Trip: On the Road of the Longest Family Road Trip in History [2014]; Walking through the Wall [2012]; A Parent’s Guide to Dallas/Fort Worth [2003]; and And Justice For All: The Untold History of Dallas [1999]. Awards include from Unity Awards in Media of Lincoln University, Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association, Bethesda Literary Festival, Local Media Association [formerly Suburban Newspapers of America], American Cancer Society, Texas Press Association, and Dallas Press Club. Also an Eagle Scout and been a Scout adult den leader, youth sports coach and volunteer for numerous organizations.

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  • Escape Room Ashburn: A Live Interactive Puzzle

    Escape Room Ashburn: A Live Interactive Puzzle0

    On a 2014 trip to Miami, Ali Ibrahim and a friend sought something different to do other than the typical beaches, clubs and expensive attractions. They stumbled upon a themed, interactive, living puzzle adventure called an escape room. Exactly what is an escape room? A group of players, typically from two to eight, are given

  • Loudoun County Public Schools: Budget, Growth, Challenges

    Loudoun County Public Schools: Budget, Growth, Challenges0

    It is quite overwhelming to review the massive 343 page 2018 Adopted Budget of the Loudoun County Public School system.  Most striking is on page 1, showing the total one-year budget of $1,552,671,496. While Loudoun County spends less per student to operate the district than most other Washington, D.C., districts, pressures like the need for

  • Angel Flight’s Work and Generous Volunteer Pilots

    Angel Flight’s Work and Generous Volunteer Pilots0

    Some 300 times since obtaining his pilot’s license in the mid-1990s, Loudoun native Steve Craven has transported children, veterans and others in his 6-seat Piper aircraft to medical facilities where they need specialized treatment but can’t afford to get there on their own. Craven is one of several hundred pilots on the east coast who

  • Lawsuit against an HOA: Forcing Landowner To Mow Meadow

    Lawsuit against an HOA: Forcing Landowner To Mow Meadow0

    A Purcellville couple and homeowners association are preparing to battle it out in court over whether a meadow should be mowed. In 2014, the association overseeing the Farmington on the Green development asked Michael and Sian Pugh to mow down a two-acre meadow that had existed since the home was built in 1989. The meadow