• Be Aware: You Still Need County Car Decals Thru July ’18

    Be Aware: You Still Need County Car Decals Thru July ’180

    UPDATE: While the front windshield decal and its enforcement through Project Fairness have been eliminated, taxpayers should be aware that the 2018 green vehicle decal is still necessary and should be displayed through June 30, 2018.  The Board of Supervisors has eliminated the decal requirement effective July 1, 2018, at which time a license fee

  • Treasurer’s Office Employee Prevents A Suicide

    Treasurer’s Office Employee Prevents A Suicide0

    UPDATE 10/3/17: Treasurer Roger Zurn posted this update on Facebook today. [An] example of a positive individual was someone who wished to remain anonymous responded to my post of the woman who was threatening to commit suicide by telling me he/she wished to pay the tax bill for that lady. The one stipulation was no

  • Answering The Call For Help

    Answering The Call For Help0

    In August, the nations’ eyes were fixed on the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas.   Many businesses and residents of Loudoun County acted to support through donations and volunteering time, yet one local couple decided to roll up their sleeves and answer the call for help. Doug and Sally Coiner traveled to Texas shortly

  • PROJECT EXILE: Hype or Worth Bringing Back?

    PROJECT EXILE: Hype or Worth Bringing Back?0

    An anti-crime program that was said to have helped thwart violent offenses in Richmond could be revived and expanded statewide, including Loudoun County. Project Exile, which formed in 1997, transferred certain criminal cases — mostly those involved in violent crimes and charged with illegal firearms possession —from local courts to federal jurisdictions. At the time,

  • Are You Qualified For Jury Duty?

    Are You Qualified For Jury Duty?0

    If you pull a notice out of your mailbox from the clerk of circuit court, you are not being arrested or even summoned for jury duty.  You are being asked if you qualify for jury duty. Loudoun Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary M. Clemens said jury questionnaires for the 2018 are being sent out

  • Would You Live Above A Data Center?

    Would You Live Above A Data Center?0

    Across the country there is a trend to construct mixed-use developments – blending residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and collectively providing a connected community within itself.  The goal – you need not leave the mixed-use community as everything you need is right there. Pictured above