EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Crying Baby at Trump Rally Clarifies That She was Never “Kicked Out”

EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Crying Baby at Trump Rally Clarifies That She was Never “Kicked Out”

After an unlikely series of events saw her become part of the national news, Devan Ebert explained the circumstances around her crying child at the Aug. 2 Donald Trump Rally.

Ebert inadvertently became part of national headlines after video of Trump’s speech at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, where he at first says he loves crying babies and moments later seems to kick the baby and her mother out of the auditorium, went viral.

Ebert clarifies that she was never removed by Trump. She removed herself voluntarily to the entryway outside the auditorium, where she says she stood alongside supportive Loudoun County Sheriff’s officers until her baby calmed down. She then returned to the auditorium and watched the end of Trump’s speech.

“His comments were blatantly said in a playful manner and to be honest, I appreciated his lightheartedness,” Ebert said via email to the Tribune. “I understand others are really focusing on his second comment regarding my baby, but above the fact he was kidding, he was right. Anyone who has ever taken a basic public speaking class is taught about manners for the presenter and as an audience member.”

Media outlets nationwide reported on “Babygate” with many saying Trump had kicked a baby out of the auditorium during the speech.

“Excusing myself and my child was the courteous thing to do,” Ebert said. “I didn’t want to disturb Mr. Trump or the audience around me, anymore than I already had.”

Ryan Butler
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