Leesburg Parking Meters Now Accept Smartphone Ap Payment

Leesburg Parking Meters Now Accept Smartphone Ap Payment

Downtown Leesburg visitors can use their smartphones to pay for parking by downloading the Parkmobile Ap for iPhone or Android. Once downloaded, uses can then add credit card information and make parking payments through simply pressing a button.

These new parking meters that accept the Parkmobile Ap have green stickers and directions to help people pay. Customers will be charged a service fee by Parkmobile for every transaction in addition to the usual $1.50 fee.

Meters will continue to accept coins. Parking remains free after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, all day on weekends and on holidays.

“One of the added benefits is that you can add time to the meter, up to the two hour limit, from wherever you are in downtown,” said Keith Markel, Leesburg’s Deputy Town Manager in a prepared statement. “Let’s say you’ve put 15 minutes on the meter, thinking you’re going to run into a shop quickly, but then your errand takes longer than expected. You can add up to an additional one hour and 45 minutes of time to the meter using your smartphone.”

Ryan Butler