Raptors Come to Middleburg

Raptors Come to Middleburg

On Feb 18., Middleburg went to the birds.

The Middleburg Library welcomed Phineas, a great horned owl, and Scarlet, a barred owl, in the latest of a series of interactive learning events sponsored by Loudoun County Public Libraries.

The pair are indigenous birds of prey, also known as raptors. Perched on the arms of their trainers, they showed first-hand the beautify and power packed in their small frames.

The appearance was also part of a regional education effort lead by Liz Dennison, a Maryland-based ornithologist and conservationist. She was joined by Nikki Stamps, who helped educate a group packed in the library to learn about bird of prey – and meet their new feathered friends.

Phineas (right) came to Middleburg with his trainer, Nikki Stamps, to teach the community about raptors

Along with an appearance from the birds, the immersive presentation showed how raptors like owls survive through the winter.

Dennison and Stamps also shared good news about growing raptor populations in the region. Many species, including the bald eagle, were nearing extinction, but thanks in large part to conservation efforts, are now rebounding nicely.