School Board Doesn’t Move to Censure Maloney

School Board Doesn’t Move to Censure Maloney

Loudoun County School Board (LCPS) member Joy Maloney (Broad Run) was not censured at the body’s Sep. 13 meeting after board member Brenda Sheridan (Sterling) objected to consideration of the motion to censure.

By Robert’s Rules of Order, a super majority of six on the nine-person board can remove an item from further discussion or action when a member objects to consideration, a protocol that takes precedence over a made motion, said board Chair Eric Hornberger (Ashburn). The censure resolution, sponsored by Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge) and Eric DeKenipp (Catoctin), was eliminated from further consideration by a 6-2-1 vote, with Maloney abstaining.

The censure motion came about after Maloney was arrested and charged with trespassing at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Ashburn on Aug. 2.

Earlier in the meeting, seven Loudoun County residents used the Board’s public comment time to ask board members not to censure Maloney. No advocates for censure came forward.

Ryan Butler