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  • Virginia SUDEP Awareness Day – 12 July 20170

    In 2014, the Virginia General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution 98, establishing July 12th to be recognized as Virginia SUDEP Awareness Day. The resolution was agreed upon after Khristin Kyllo, a 19 year old Vienna resident, lost her life to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) in 2011. We too know the anguish of losing

  • Opinion: During Immigration Ban Chaos, Perriello Earned My Vote

    Opinion: During Immigration Ban Chaos, Perriello Earned My Vote0

    On Jan 28, 2017, I was on the ground at Dulles Airport, joining dozens of my immigration lawyer colleagues in providing legal assistance to passengers caught in the chaos of Trump’s first travel ban. The scene was chaos, and despite having a federal court order signed by a US District Court Judge in hand, US

  • Is Metro Good for Business?

    Is Metro Good for Business?0

    Some cons and cons By John H. Hilton Well, this was predictable. Before the first ounce of concrete was poured at the sites of Loudoun’s Silver Line Metro infrastructure, I warned everyone with whom I spoke that Metro is in deep water and very soon we county taxpayers (one way or another) will be asked