88 First Responders Graduate Fire-Rescue Academy Training

88 First Responders Graduate Fire-Rescue Academy Training

The Loudoun County Combined Fire-Rescue System has announced the graduation of eighty-eight system members who successfully completed various levels of fire and rescue training. Graduation ceremonies were held Aug. 31st.

Twenty-five volunteers graduated from the Firefighter I & II class and 25 volunteers graduated from the Emergency Medical Technician class. The Monroe Technology Center (MTC) Fire and Rescue training program for high school students also graduated nine firefighters and seven EMT’s. Twenty-four students, a combination of career and volunteer providers, obtained Advanced Life Support emergency medical training to include nine at the Intermediate level and 13 at the Paramedic level. All of the graduates spent countless hours over the last six months in demanding training programs preparing for Loudoun County, Virginia State and National Certification examinations, according to a release.

Deputy Chief of Training Randall L. Shank was the Master of the Ceremony. Fire System Chief W. Keith Brower, Jr., System Medical Director Doctor John Morgan, County Administrator, Tim Hemstreet and Algonkian District Supervisor, Suzanne Volpe addressed the audience, recognizing the graduates for their time and dedication given to the Loudoun County Combined Fire-Rescue System, according to a release.

During the ceremony each class coordinator presented the top student of each class. A top recruit was also selected from each of the Monroe Technology Center fire and EMT classes, according to a release. Top students are chosen for their high level of dedication, academic performance, punctuality and their ability to lead and motivate others. The top students recognized during the ceremony included: Spring Firefighter I & II: Benjamin Fielden, Sterling Volunteer Fire Company and Oliver Kline, MTC/Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company; Spring EMT: David Delmonte, Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company and Jessica Harris, Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad; Spring EMT-Intermediate: David Arrington, Round Hill Volunteer Fire Department; Spring EMT-Paramedic: Susan Truba, Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.

The 88 graduates are listed below:

Spring Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Cedric Essiaw, Arcola Volunteer Fire-Rescue
Keagan Boal, Purcellville Rescue
Elizabeth Fischer, Arcola Volunteer Fire-Rescue
Zhijian Chen, Purcellville Rescue
Elizabeth Koenecke, Arcola Volunteer Fire-Rescue
Daniel Eiynck, Purcellville Rescue
Alicia Campos, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Jasmine Lu, Purcellville Rescue
Songyi Gransback, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Isabelle Duerr, Round Hill Fire Rescue
Jason Kelly, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Rob Paquette, Round Hill Fire Rescue
Kristen Littell, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Tyler Peacher, Sterling Fire
Ana Quijano, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Nicholas Stirling, Sterling Fire
Garrett Vinoski, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Chelsea Bhargava, Sterling Rescue
Michael Montieth, Leesburg Fire
Luwam Mengistu, Sterling Rescue
Joshua Fillmore, Loudoun Rescue
Sathish Nachiappan, Sterling Rescue
Thomas Suttie, Loudoun Rescue
Abdulkareem Zanhom, Sterling Rescue
David Delmonte, Purcellville Fire

Monroe Technology Center Spring Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Rishi Devapauli, Loudoun Rescue
Thomas Comer, Purcellville Fire
Jessica Harris, Loudoun Rescue
Troy Breeden, Purcellville Fire & Loudoun Rescue
Tyler Matthews, Loudoun Rescue
Madeline McGuiness, Purcellville Rescue
Riley Ruments, Purcellville Fire

Spring Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate (EMT-I)
Connor Rodenbough, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Courtney Kline, Sterling Rescue
Justin Brabson, LCFR
Matthew Kucik, Sterling Rescue
Dan Pickard, Loudoun Rescue
Alison Leader, Sterling Rescue
David Arrington, Round Hill Fire Rescue
Ali Mahboubi, Sterling Rescue
Brandon Hollingsworth, Sterling Rescue
Courtney Kline, Sterling Rescue

Spring Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (EMT-P)
Susan Truba, Ashburn Fire Rescue
Tami Bredow, Loudoun Rescue
John Alishauskas, LCFR
Margaret Arnone, Sterling Rescue
Charles Evengelisti, LCFR
David Charlip, Sterling Rescue
Mark Golino, LCFR
Olivia McLaren, Sterling Rescue
Jeremy Hedrick, LCFR
Samuel Neglia, Sterling Rescue
Karen Lavarnway, LCFR
Jason Shepko, Sterling Rescue
Michele Sargent, LCFR

Spring Firefighter I/II
Ryan Carr, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Marquise Roberts, Purcellville Fire
Bryce Dahnert, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Anslem Terreri, Purcellville Fire
John Edell, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Warren Van Der Merwe, Purcellville Fire
Frederick Falcone, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Carlos Ablaza, Sterling Fire
Taylor Gibson, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Benjamin Fielden, Sterling Fire
Jake Karabetian, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Tiffany Gomez, Sterling Fire
David Langhorne, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
James Lockhart, Sterling Fire
Peter Gugliotta, Hamilton Rescue
Jesse Michaud, Sterling Fire
William Sabio, Leesburg Fire
Jake Rausher, Sterling Fire
Austin Slone, Leesburg Fire
Sean Riley, Sterling Fire
Logan Thrash, Leesburg Fire
Kyle Weeks, Sterling Fire
William Wetmore, Leesburg Fire
Jacob Sweeney, Sterling Rescue
Jonah Ringeisen, Purcellville Fire

Monroe Technology Center Spring Firefighter I/II
Nick Schaff, Ashburn Fire-Rescue
Jacob Starrett, Purcellville Fire
Noah Mazzatenta, Loudoun Rescue
George Smith, Purcellville Fire & Purcellville Rescue
Oliver Kline, Purcellville Fire
Hayden Ayers, Sterling Fire
Brian Knapp, Purcellville Fire
Lance O’Brien, Sterling Fire
Johnathan Libby, Purcellville Fire