AOL Principal Presents Logo Proposals, Construction Updates

AOL Principal Presents Logo Proposals, Construction Updates

As the physical building for Academies of Loudoun continues to develop, school administrators are looking for the best way to represent the new school.

AOL principal Tinell Priddy revealed five potential logos for the county’s new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics school at a School Board committee meeting Sept. 20. The new academy will merge the county’s three existing STEM programs: Monore Technical Academy, The Academy of Science and the Academy of Engineering and Technology. All five possible logos for the unified school represent cohesiveness and interconnectedness, Priddy said.


While the color scheme isn’t official, Priddy said the school is looking to use colors from the existing three schools — green for Monroe, light blue for the AOS and blue for AET — as an homage to each program.

At the meeting, Priddy gave school board members polling slips to rank their preference of the five logos. She also said she would poll current students of the existing academy programs for their preferences.

Though the new building won’t open until fall 2018, Priddy stressed the need to pick a logo as soon as possible to help the marketing and promotion of the new school.

Priddy also briefed School Board members and staff on the construction progress for the new building. She said the footprint of the school is already laid and two cranes are on site for further construction.

“The day I went out, I felt like I was on cloud nine,” Priddy said. “I’m so excited to come into work and tackle the next task and I’m really looking forward to this project. I cannot wait to see this school emerge.”