Grill Fire Causes $320,000 in Damages to Arcola Home

Grill Fire Causes $320,000 in Damages to Arcola Home

Improperly discarded grilling materials caused hundreds of thousands of dollars to an Arcola home May 30.

Flavored pellets used to smoke food on the grill had not been properly extinguished and were placed in a plastic container, where they smoldered and eventually caught fire, Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s Office officials said. The home sustained $320,000 in damages and the homeowner was displaced.

Just after 6 a.m., Loudoun County Fire and Rescue personnel from Brambleton, Ashburn, Moorefield, Dulles South, Aldie and Leesburg responded to a fire at a residence in the 22,000 block of Homestead Landing Court. Fire crews arrived at the two story, single family home to find fire on the back deck that was spreading towards the attic and roof and all occupants safely outside.

Firefighters attacked the fire on the deck from the outside while additional crews went inside to check the walls and attic space for fire extension. Crews extinguished a small amount of fire that made its way to the attic. Firefighters initiated salvage operations to protect unaffected areas of the home and personal belongings from damage, while others removed drywall and checked for any remaining fire, Fire and Rescue Public Information Officer Laura Rinehart said.

The homeowner was not injured but one firefighter was transported to a Stone Springs Hospital for an unrelated medical emergency. The exterior of the home was constructed with fibrous cement siding which  slowed the rate of fire spread. This fibrous cement siding is mostly comprised of non-flammable materials and generally carries the highest achievable safety rating. Rinehart said alternative siding options may not have provided the same level of protection or time for firefighters to extinguish the fire.