Are You Qualified For Jury Duty?

Are You Qualified For Jury Duty?

If you pull a notice out of your mailbox from the clerk of circuit court, you are not being arrested or even summoned for jury duty.  You are being asked if you qualify for jury duty.

Loudoun Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary M. Clemens said jury questionnaires for the 2018 are being sent out in phases over the next four weeks.

The process enables the jury office to establish a qualified pool of jurors who may be called to jury duty in the following calendar year. While the questionnaire process begins this week, those who are deemed qualified to serve as jurors are not subject to serving until calendar year 2018.

“The jury questionnaire is essentially a survey that allows the jury office and jury commissioners to determine who is qualified and eligible to serve jury duty next year,” said Clemens.

He emphasized he jury questionnaire is not a summons for jury duty.

Clemens asked residents who receive a jury questionnaire read and complete the form to help the court and the clerk establish a qualified pool of juror candidates for 2018.

While recipients of the jury questionnaire have two options for completing it, Clemens requests residents use the website address provided in the questionnaire to complete the survey online. Otherwise, they can complete the paper questionnaire by hand and return it by first-class mail.

The online completion of the questionnaire saves the jury office considerable time in processing the questionnaire responses. It also saves residents time and the cost of postage to return the questionnaire. The website provided is secure and safe to use.

“The clerk’s office and the circuit court appreciate the cooperation of the citizens who receive the questionnaires and promptly complete them,” said Clemens. “The timely participation of those who receive the questionnaires is beneficial to the efficiency of the qualification process and it helps the court system provide the constitutional guarantee of a jury trial to criminal and civil litigants.”

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Joseph Dill