Area Democratic Leaders Speak at Clinton Field Office Opening

Area Democratic Leaders Speak at Clinton Field Office Opening

Area democrats not only want to maintain their party’s spot in the White House, but secure election results down the ticket, from congress to the county level. They now have a local field office to help achieve those goals.

Speaking at the opening of the Democratic Party of Virginia field office in Leesburg, Virginia Congressional District 10 candidate LuAnn Bennett spoke about the importance of not only electing Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket, but assuring democratic leadership at all levels of government.

“Democrats know the direction we need to lead this country. There’s no ambiguity. There’s no disagreement,” Bennett said. “We know that we need to build an economy that works for everyone. Hillary is committed to doing that and so am I.”

The candidate also discussed immigration, infrastructure improvements, equal pay initiatives and her frustrations with congress.

“We want to break Washington’s gridlock,” Bennett said. “One of the reasons I’m running is I’m so tired of our congress not being able to pass bills. Our congress hasn’t passed a budget in six years. That’s unacceptable. We need to change congress and I want to be a part of that.”

Bennett spoke to over 100 democratic volunteers and other officials as part of the opening. The field office, located at 101 Loudoun St SE in Leesburg, will serve as a physical base of operations for not only the Clinton presidential campaign, but for elections across the area.

“The important of field offices is that it makes the campaign office more accessible for more people,” said Democratic Convention delegate and volunteer coordinator Marlene Barney. “People don’t want to have to travel from Leesburg to Fairfax, or worse yet, Arlington, to volunteer. And most people, with the way traffic is gridlocked, aren’t going to do that. So field offices make it much more accessible for more people and Leesburg is pretty accessible to the rest of the county.”

In addition to the field office, democrats are coordinating with volunteers to set up phone banks at homes across the area. The party is also working on voter registration drives to get more people involved in the campaign.

Several other party members attended the opening, including Loudoun County Democratic Committee chair and Leesburg Town Council member Marty Martinez, Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chair At-Large Phyllis Randall, Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd and Leesburg Vice Mayor Kelly Burk.

“I thought what was most important was when Bennett spoke, she talked about why to vote for Hillary, and why not to vote against Trump,” Randal said. “I think it’s important, that though it’s a binary election, the truth is we have good reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton, no matter who her opponent is and I think it’s really, really important that Bennett did that.”