Ashburn Martial Arts Students Put on Showcase

Ashburn Martial Arts Students Put on Showcase

After years of preparation, and three months of specific training, eight students from CJR Martial Arts in Ashburn showed off their skills Oct. 21 at Lost Rhino Brewery.

Under the direction of director Christopher Redford, students put on a display featuring Tae Kwon Doe forms that later transitioned into performance-style martial arts.

“Getting up in front of a bunch of people showing them what you can do is a little nerve wrecking,” Redford said. “Now that I’ve stepped out of that, and I’ve gotten other students to step into that, it’s a completely different feeling for me myself.”

Redford, a fourth degree black belt, spent nine years competing in martial arts events and has 22 years of experience in the field overall. At CJR, he teaches Tae Kwon Doe, American freestyle Tae Kwon Doe and Shotokan karate.

The eight students to participate in the event Oct. 21 are among 60 at CJR Martial Arts. Redford said he selected these students because of their work ethic and dedication.

The performing students range in ages from 10 to 14, and all eight have black belts. In addition to years of martial arts experience between the group of young students, Redford said they spent the past several months in high-intensity training preparing for this specific event.

This was the first public performance for the studio, which Redford opened in April 2015.

“Hopefully this will open the door for others further on,” Redford said.