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    Bonnie Leonard

    Bonnie is a guest contributor to The Loudoun Tribune

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  • So How Does One Make Beer Anyway?

    So How Does One Make Beer Anyway?0

    Brewdoun.com, a website promoting local breweries, went behind the scenes this week to shed some light on the rather active homebrewing scene in Loudoun County. We found two very different homebrew shops—Brew LoCo in Lansdowne Town Center and Kettles and Grains in Leesburg. While we were at it, we discovered how tightly intertwined home brewing

  • CIDER ME: An Education on Local Cideries

    CIDER ME: An Education on Local Cideries0

    The growth of breweries, cideries, and distilleries in Virginia are as much a part of history as our founding fathers and treasured landmarks. The next time you sit down to enjoy a glass of your favorite spirit, pause to consider the rich history behind the making of that beverage. Take hard cider for example. Apples

  • BEER ME: An Education On Local Beer

    BEER ME: An Education On Local Beer0

    Where does one start with all these local breweries? For folks living in or visiting Loudoun County, local breweries are as active and popular as local wineries. There are 23 local breweries and three more making preparations to open. With so many of these establishments, each location has still found a way to stand out