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    Brian Reynolds

    Brian is president of Tribune Media Group, LLC and Publisher of The Loudoun Tribune, managing operations of both. He has been a business and sales professional for more than 31 years, most recently as President of DesignB Marketing, operator of DesignB Studios., an online marketing, consulting and web design company. Brian also worked as general manager, general sales manager and in other executive positions around the DC metropolitan area and within the Rosenthal Automotive Group.

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  • Real Husbands Of Loudoun County (RHOLC)

    Real Husbands Of Loudoun County (RHOLC)0

    “Is that shirt what I think it is?” said a 52-year-old waitress to a customer who just sat down for lunch at Cracker Barrell in Sterling. “If you are referring to the Real Husbands of Loudoun County – yes, it is,” he replied. “Ha, my husband is a member and loves that group, he signed

  • Waterford Concert Series – World Famous Musicians

    Waterford Concert Series – World Famous Musicians0

    Concerts by world famous classical musicians will be heard in historic Waterford this fall, part of the Waterford Concert Series. The Calidore String Quart, one of today’s finest string ensembles, performs Sunday, September 23, 4 PM. On the program are exciting works by Prokofiev, Golijov, Janacek, and Mendelssohn. The Calidore Quartet, with “deep reserves of