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  • Suicide Prevention Meets Hip-Hop and the Arts

    Suicide Prevention Meets Hip-Hop and the Arts0

    Loudoun County’s Lucidious adds his artistry to local efforts to prevent teen suicide. Something unusual is going to happen Sunday afternoon, April 2, at the Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville. Hip-hop artist Lucidious, of Ashburn, will be performing alongside dancers from The Loudoun School of Ballet to music dedicated to teen suicide prevention. It might seem like

  • Cannon Ball of Fire

    Cannon Ball of Fire0

    Two months ago the Tribune profiled up-and-coming Loudoun County rocker Beth Cannon and heard a sampling of her guitar work and vocals. It was tempting to subtitle that article “A Star is Born.” After Cannon’s performance March 27 at Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia, that temptation would’ve been warranted. Raw and mesmerizing, and with a command of the stage,

  • We Think: School Board Schizophrenia

    We Think: School Board Schizophrenia0

    March 22, 2017. This week the Loudoun County School Board showed leadership — almost. The unanimous vote to terminate the continuous employment of Dominion High School principal John Brewer was decisive and, we believe, correct. It signaled the board’s belief that leadership starts at the top, and that principals are accountable for what goes wrong in their schools. And

  • We Think: County Board Stewardship

    We Think: County Board Stewardship0

    March 22, 2017. Loudoun County’s annual budgeting process has never been without controversy, but this year’s has been the most exceptional in memory for things done right. It helps when the local economy is sound and tax revenue is up, but that doesn’t diminish what we believe was the crafting of a fiscally responsible FY 2018 budget that advances the quality