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  • Pets Help Keep Seniors Happier, Healthier

    Pets Help Keep Seniors Happier, Healthier0

    French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Collette once said, “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” Pets provide meaningful social support for owners, and they can be especially beneficial for seniors. Ample research shows pet ownership delivers physical and mental health benefits for seniors, regardless of whether they’re living on their own or in a senior

  • “There Will Never Be A Bridge Here”

    “There Will Never Be A Bridge Here”0

    Approximately 600 vehicles on any given weekday and up to 1000 per day over the weekend use the historic White’s Ferry to cross the Potomac River from Loudoun County, VA into Montgomery County, Md., and back. Located three miles from Leesburg on Route 15, just shy of Farmer John’s Whitmore’s produce stand, is White’s Ferry

  • Caring for our Aging Pets

    Caring for our Aging Pets0

    By Kimberly Correnti Contributor From greying faces to a slower paced walk, it’s easy to see the outward signs of our pet’s aging. But what’s far more important is to understand that the internal body is also changing. There are many steps we can do to help their body live a longer and healthier life.

  • First Time Home Buyers:  5 Mistakes To Avoid

    First Time Home Buyers: 5 Mistakes To Avoid0

    By Eddie Borgen, Realtor Contributor Buying your first home is comparable to the first time you ride a bike. You can learn how it works from your parents and observe it from a distance, but you really won’t know the ins and outs until you sit down on the bicycle and start riding. Like most