• We Think: The Swamp is Not Draining0

    April 24, 2017. Last week’s announcement by state Sen. Jennifer Wexton that she will oppose Rep. Barbara Comstock for Virginia’s 10th congressional district seat has put an even brighter spotlight on the second term incumbent and the performance of Congress as a whole. The seat was moved from “Lean R” to “Toss Up” by the Cook Political Index, and may

  • We Think: Decide on Assad0

    April 23, 2017. It is not every day that Loudoun County politicians weigh in on international affairs, much less on geo-political considerations like the civil war in Syria. That war has splintered Syria, and there’s no end or predictable outcome in sight. U.S. foreign policy in the Obama Administration was lacking in both unified purpose and projection. Even the Trump Administration’s retaliatory

  • We Think: School Board Schizophrenia

    We Think: School Board Schizophrenia0

    March 22, 2017. This week the Loudoun County School Board showed leadership — almost. The unanimous vote to terminate the continuous employment of Dominion High School principal John Brewer was decisive and, we believe, correct. It signaled the board’s belief that leadership starts at the top, and that principals are accountable for what goes wrong in their schools. And

  • We Think: County Board Stewardship

    We Think: County Board Stewardship0

    March 22, 2017. Loudoun County’s annual budgeting process has never been without controversy, but this year’s has been the most exceptional in memory for things done right. It helps when the local economy is sound and tax revenue is up, but that doesn’t diminish what we believe was the crafting of a fiscally responsible FY 2018 budget that advances the quality

  • We Think: Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head

    We Think: Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head0

    February 22, 2017. Our nation is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of overt, hateful, anti-Jewish acts. They’re called examples of anti-Semitism, but that term continues to elude the public’s embrace of a single definition and often gets comingled with discussions of anti-Zionism and Israel that distract from the underlying point. We’re calling these acts anti-Jewish here

  • We Think: Loudoun Students Protest

    We Think: Loudoun Students Protest0

    February 14, 2017. Last Friday, a few hundred Loudoun County high school students used the last period of the day – for some a study hall period – to register their opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration order and perhaps other things. In an effort known to and managed by LCPS school officials, they walked out and,