• We Think: The Trump Watch

    We Think: The Trump Watch0

    January 20, 2017. The 45th president of the United States was inaugurated today, inheriting a fractured nation along with the unique opportunity to be a healer. Or not. It’s President Trump’s watch now. Barack Obama took office eight years ago calling for hope and change, and dazzling the nation with his rhetoric. But it’s hard to mount a convincing argument that America is a kinder, gentler and stronger

  • We Think: So Early, So Wrong

    We Think: So Early, So Wrong0

    January 10, 2017. The 2017 Leesburg Town Council, under newly-elected Mayor Kelly Burk, is off to an inauspicious start. We’ve heard grumblings about poor communication and divisiveness before the new Council even got started, and the way it selected Hugh Forsythe to fill a vacancy will surely add fuel to the fire. The Tribune addressed this in an article published today.

  • We Think: The Emperor May Have No Clothes

    We Think: The Emperor May Have No Clothes0

    January 3, 2017. It may be unpopular to say it, but we will.  We need to build more homes in Loudoun County, and a new report suggests we may need a lot more. Last year the Board of Supervisors began a highly-publicized, multi-stakeholder review of its General Plan, the guidance document for future growth. This is the first comprehensive review since

  • We Think: Our First Year

    We Think: Our First Year0

    January 1, 2017. In our first editorial last June, we introduced The Tribune and described what we are striving to do and to how we want to deliver the news. We said “a lot of things happen in Loudoun County every day and we won’t try to cover all of them. Instead, our editorial approach will be to focus on breaking

  • We Think: Cheap Shot from a Competitor

    We Think: Cheap Shot from a Competitor0

    November 23, 2016. The Loudoun Times-Mirror (LTM) has been around for a long time, and we respect its longstanding service to Loudoun County. But that does not entitle its reporters to make things up and take a cheap shot when it comes to another source of news in Loudoun County, specifically the Loudoun Tribune. This week’s LTM print

  • We Think: Morning in America Again?

    We Think: Morning in America Again?0

    November 10, 2016. Donald Trump’s victory Tuesday night shocked much of the nation and the world. Not just that he won the presidency, but that he did so by winning states that polling consistently said would not go his way. Trump’s muscular, anti-establishment appeal translated to votes, whereas Hillary Clinton failed to produce the turnout