• We Think: Why Tuesday’s Bond Vote Matters

    We Think: Why Tuesday’s Bond Vote Matters0

    November 2, 2016. The recent dedication of the Western Loudoun Sheriff’s Office in Round Hill, the third such community substation since Sheriff Mike Chapman took office in 2012, says a lot about the positive direction of public infrastructure in Loudoun County. The same could be said for the Kirkpatrick Farms Fire and Rescue Station, where ground was

  • We Think: It’s Time to Reform the Electoral College

    We Think: It’s Time to Reform the Electoral College0

    October 14, 2016. In 25 days we will elect the next President of the United States, someone who is likely to be the most unpopular president-elect in American history. By all rights 2016 should mark a change election in America, but most Americans are grumbling about their choices for president. It doesn’t help that the electoral college assures that

  • We Think: Gary Johnson, Seriously?

    We Think: Gary Johnson, Seriously?0

    September 29, 2016. The idea sounds democratic. Don’t let the Democrat and Republican parties decide our choice for president. Give voters viable alternatives, even if the candidates are less likely to win. That’s particularly appealing in a year when most of the nation wants change, and the combined negatives of both major party candidates are higher than any pairing ever. Or

  • We Think: Digital Backroom Politics

    We Think: Digital Backroom Politics0

    September 12, 2016. Last week, the Board of Supervisors returned from its summer recess and promptly turned down a motion by Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) to prohibit texting among Board members during public meetings of the body.  The effort was quickly silenced by a superseding motion to table the matter indefinitely. The motion prevailed on

  • We Think: What we Learn from Tragedy

    We Think: What we Learn from Tragedy0

    August 31, 2016. Yesterday morning started like so many other warm, sunny days for a mother in Lansdowne when she went for a walk with her five-month old son in his stroller. What happened next at the intersection of Riverside Parkway and Coton Manor Drive is still under investigation, but we know they were struck in the crosswalk by a

  • We Think: Back to School Under a Cloud?

    We Think: Back to School Under a Cloud?0

    August 23, 2016. Next week about 79,000 Loudoun public school students start a new term. By most measures, the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) system has a lot to brag about. Setting aside the often controversial topic of budgeting, our public schools continue to be characterized by growth, improvement, innovation and achievement. But recently we heard something that gave us pause. It