• Addressing Student Drug Abuse in Loudoun

    Addressing Student Drug Abuse in Loudoun0

    Student drug use might not be an overwhelming problem in Loudoun County, but it does occur at times and needs to be better addressed, law enforcement and education officials say. Among the more prevalent drugs abused by some Loudoun students are Xanax and Adderal, said Det. Michael Safford of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. Xanax,

  • What Is Loudoun’s Monroe Tech?

    What Is Loudoun’s Monroe Tech?0

    Photo: Nicki Stuva as they set up to shoot the daily MTC-TV news broadcast. Hesham Siddiqui runs the teleprompter computer while Zach Goldman records. An eagle circles the air during the aptly named “pause for a moment of silence” that opens every MTC-TV “Mornings with Monroe” newscast. Anchorwoman Nicki Stuva leads the Pledge of Allegiance

  • Turgeon: Teaching Techniques, Blended Learning Models

    Turgeon: Teaching Techniques, Blended Learning Models0

    By this time next year, Loudoun County Public Schools could be among the first to be designated as a School Division of Innovation by the Virginia Department of Education. This designation would be a result of a new bill providing more freedom from state regulations, with the hopes of better meeting the needs of students

  • Youth PSA Video Contest: Mental Health

    Youth PSA Video Contest: Mental Health0

    Of the youth. By the youth. For the youth. That approach is behind a youth suicide prevention and mental health awareness PSA video contest being sponsored by the Loudoun County Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Services (DMHSADS). A rotating youth committee is advising staff from DMHSADS and the Community Services Board. The

  • Ivanka Trump, Middleburg, STEM Education

    Ivanka Trump, Middleburg, STEM Education0

    Photo credit: By permission from Chief A.J. Panebianco and the Middleburg Police Department who worked with Secret Service to arrange security for Trump. The Middleburg Community Charter School in Middleburg, VA was the setting for presidential advisor and daughter of the president, Ivanka Trump’s morning visit.  Trump is launching her focus on STEM education and curriculum which

  • What Is An Aquiary (ā•kwee•air•ee)? Take A Tour Right In Ashburn

    What Is An Aquiary (ā•kwee•air•ee)? Take A Tour Right In Ashburn1

    Water, water everywhere — but only 1 percent to drink. Children learn in school that 70 percent of the earth is covered by water, so it’s easy to think humans have no problem finding adequate supplies of fresh water. Not so fast. Ninety-nine percent of that water is in the oceans or locked up in