Chesterbrook Academy Commemorates Aldie Expansion

Chesterbrook Academy Commemorates Aldie Expansion

Chesterbrook Academy principals and administrators celebrated the opening of the new Aldie facility with a ribbon cutting on Jan. 17. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock joined other community and law enforcement officials in celebrating the opening of the new school.

“We’re making sure we’re getting the best education possible. It’s great when you see a facility like this,” Comstock said. “I know this is the kind of place that brings joy, that’s kid-focused and they’re going to have a great experience.”

Chesterbrook campuses are located in eight different states and some schools offer educational opportunities from infancy all the way through eighth grade. The Aldie school takes children from as young as six weeks old to Pre-K2, and also offer before and after care programs and summer camps.

“The foundation of early childhood education is critically important to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond and we feel that introducing them to learning through play in our facilities and our schools is just instrumental to a successful start to kindergarten,” Chesterbrook Executive Director Amy Henneberg said.

As the Loudoun County Public School system is still a few years away from implementing full-day kindergarten access for all students, private schools like Chesterbrook are popular for parents looking for alternatives. This Aldie expansion is the ninth Chesterbrook Academy facility in Loudoun County, with each school seating about 200 students.

“I’m super excited to be in the area. I think it’s duly noted this community has been so overwhelmingly supportive and welcoming, so we’re very pleased about that,” Henneberg said. “It’s going to be a great neighborhood to be in.”