Dan Snyder, Redskins Donate $35,000 to Ashburn Colored School Restoration

Dan Snyder, Redskins Donate $35,000 to Ashburn Colored School Restoration

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, in partnership with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, announced the donation of $35,000 by Snyder and the Redskins Charitable Foundation to benefit the restoration of the Ashburn Colored School. The donation comes following the vandalism of the historic structure earlier this month.

“The defacing of this historic African American structure was felt by the entire Loudoun community and came to the attention of the Washington Redskins team leadership,” Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis J. Randall said. “They reached out to my office following the joint news conference and asked what they could do to help; when I learned that the organization planned to support the school, which is located less than two miles from Redskins Park, I was very grateful for their continued community support.”

The donation will help the Loudoun School for the Gifted exceed its fund-raising goal of $100,000. The Board, which has expressed the importance of preserving historic landmarks and has been involved lately in raising awareness about the project, commended Snyder and the Redskins organization for their generosity.

Donations from the community have increased significantly since the historic site was vandalized, which has accelerated the project.

“We are extremely appreciative of the generosity of the Redskins,” Loudoun School for the Gifted founder Deep Sran said. “The support we have received from the community in recent weeks has been truly extraordinary and it will help us to achieve our vision for this community resource much, much faster.”

The donations will help restore the exterior and interior of the historic structure, and furnish the old school within a year — a process that originally would have taken nearly three years to complete. In addition, the funds will assist in the development of a museum of education, which will be a cultural resource for the Loudoun community, at least five years ahead of schedule.