DC Man Gets Four-Year Sentence for Prescription Fraud in Loudoun County

DC Man Gets Four-Year Sentence for Prescription Fraud in Loudoun County

Anthony Maurice Wigglesworth, 52, who was convicted in March of using a forged prescription in Loudoun County, received a four-year sentence June 19 in the Circuit Court of Loudoun County.

The sentence, imposed by  Judge J. Howe Brown Jr., was the mid-point of the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines recommendation. Wiggleworth pleaded guilty March 26 to one count of prescription fraud and one count of possession of schedule I or II controlled substance.

According to court documents, Wigglesworth passed a fraudulent prescription for 90 tablets of Oxycodone under a fraudulent name at the CVS in South Riding on Oct. 4. Wigglesworth presented his own Virginia operator’s license, which was scanned and recorded by the pharmacist on duty.

On Dec. 13, the pharmacy contacted the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and provided the original prescription presented by Wigglesworth, CVS surveillance video from Oct. 4 and Wigglesworth’s operator’s license information to a detective. The prescribing doctor was contacted and he confirmed that he did not write the prescription presented by Wigglesworth.

During the sentencing hearing, Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Ryan W. Perry asked the court to impose a sentence of four years and seven months, the high end of the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines recommendation for this case. Perry said the high end of the guidelines was an appropriate sentence based on Wigglesworth’s criminal history.

“He was last convicted of this same crime in 2015,” Perry said. “He committed it again in 2017. This shows he doesn’t learn and he isn’t interested in changing his ways.”

In addition to the active jail sentence, Brown imposed an additional sixteen years of suspended time, placed Wigglesworth on indefinite supervised probation, and suspended his privilege to operate a motor vehicle for six months.
“Although charged with prescription fraud, this case is far more than that,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman said of the sentencing. “This is but one facet of the problem that has continued to feed the opioid epidemic nationwide. Hopefully, sentences such as this will deter others from seeking to profit at the expense of the community’s health.”

Wigglesworth’s criminal record dates back nearly 30 years and includes convictions for robbery, uttering, possession of cocaine, hit and run, possession of Oxycodone, identity theft, petit larceny, and multiple prior prescription frauds.

Joseph Dill