Democratic Leaders Reject Trump, Endorse Clinton Ahead of Pence Rally

Democratic Leaders Reject Trump, Endorse Clinton Ahead of Pence Rally

Community and political leaders gathered in front of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville Aug. 27 to speak out against Donald Trump and his policies, hours before Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was set to host a campaign rally. The speakers talked about their opposition to the Republican presidential campaigns positions on women’s issues as well as its divisive rhetoric.

LuAnn Bennett, the democratic nominee for Virginia’s 10th congressional district, talked specifically on Pence, the current governor of Indiana, and his policies against reproductive rights.

“Pence’s hateful rhetoric towards women does’t need to be near the white house,” Bennett said.

Bennett also talked the importance and economic impact of eliminating the pay gap between men and women. She also advocated for paid family leave and affordable health care for single working mothers. She said democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was a better fit for the issues than Trump and Pence.

Other speakers included Monte Johnson, who spoke specifically against the Trump campaign’s statements, as well as former Arlington County council member Walter Tejada.

“Trump makes the Latino community feel unwelcome in our won country that we love and makes our children fearful,” Tejada said.

Hala Ayala attended the event to show her opposition to Trump and Pence. She said she wanted to set an example for her children.

“To hear this decisiveness, its really not the time or place in our culture. We need to build on inclusiveness, not exclusion,” Ayala said.