Dulles Customs Seizes $360k Shipment of Counterfeit Earbuds

Dulles Customs Seizes $360k Shipment of Counterfeit Earbuds

In one of the larger recent counterfeit seizures at Dulles Airport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized 60,000 fake Samsung earbuds that, if genuine, held a retail value of about $360,000.

CBP officers examined the shipment of 120 boxes, which arrived from China manifested as headsets, on April 18. Officers discovered that each box contained 500 earbuds bearing the Samsung brand. Officers detained the shipment and submitted documentation to import specialists from CBP’s Electronics Center of Excellence and Expertise. Import specialists determined the earbuds were counterfeit, CBP officials said.

The shipment was in transit to Brazil.

“The theft of intellectual property and the trade in substandard and often dangerous goods threatens America’s innovation economy and consumer health and safety, and it generates proceeds that fund criminal activities and organized crime,” said Casey Owen Durst, Baltimore Field Operations Director.  “Intellectual property rights enforcement is a Customs and Border Protection priority trade issue, and a mission that we take seriously.”

On a typical day last year, CBP officers seized $3.8 million worth of products with intellectual property rights violations.