Eighth Democrat Joins Congressional Race

Eighth Democrat Joins Congressional Race

Michael Pomerleano makes the eighth Democrat to announce their candidacy in the 10th District House of Representatives Race.

The seat, held by Republican Barbara Comstock, covers Loudoun and has become increasingly liberal throughout the years. Comstock beat challenger LuAnn Bennett in the highly contested 2016 election. The 2018 mid-term is set to be another highly contested — and expensive — election.

Pomerleano announced his candidacy July 31 and has focused his campaign on impeaching President Donald Trump and bolstering the economy.

“I am convinced that the Trump presidency constitutes an assault on the fundamental goodness and liberties of our country,” Pomerleano said in an email.

A businessman by trade, Pomerleano immigrated to the United States from Romania in the early 1970s for a PhD program in Business Economics at Harvard University. He has worked at institutions such as the World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, Federal Reserve and Citibank, as well as authored numerous articles and books on financial systems. Pomerleano also  served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Pomerleano says his background in economics will prove beneficial for businesses and consumers. He also pointed out he is not a career politician and if elected, only plans to serve two terms.

Pomerleano lives with his wife and two dogs in Chantilly. He has three grown sons who are a mathematician, computer science student and a marine recruit, respectively.

He is joined in the Virginia 10th District Congressional Race by Democrats Kimberly Adams, Alison Kiehl Friedman, David Hanson, Daniel Helmer, Deep Sran, Lindsey Davis Stover and State Sen. Jennifer Wexton.