UPDATED: Former Congressman and Civil Rights Leader Arrested at Dulles

UPDATED: Former Congressman and Civil Rights Leader Arrested at Dulles

Walter E. Fauntroy, who served as Washington’s congressional delegate from 1971 to 1991, was arrested Monday morning at Dulles International Airport and is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

Fauntroy, 83, was arrested by border patrol officials while he was clearing customs due to an outstanding warrant for failure to appear and fraud, related to a bad check written in Prince George’s County several years ago.

He arrived to Washington Dulles International Airport around 8 a.m. from Dubai, UAE, returning from a four-year sojourn in the Persian Gulf, authorities said.

Fauntroy was close with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and helped plan the 1963 March on Washington.

In January 2012, Fauntroy left the U.S. after a bench warrant was issued for him to appear in Prince George’s County, on a charge that he wrote a bad check for $55,000 which was to help pay for a 2009 ball in Maryland that he organized for President Obama’s first inauguration.

Last week, Fauntroy said he was coming home because he missed his family and said his bad check issue was resolved.

He left behind his wife Dorothy, 81, to deal with family debt, including the possible foreclosure of their D.C. home. Family and friends have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help her handle the debt.



Fauntroy was released Tuesday, June 28 after a judge recalled an arrest warrant for him. He is scheduled to appear at a hearing on July 20 in Prince George’s County court on the bad-check charge.