From Exhausted to Energetic: Retired Air Force Vet Anna Mejia Learns What Works

From Exhausted to Energetic: Retired Air Force Vet Anna Mejia Learns What Works

Anna Mejia remembers her life a few years ago.

Days filled with late starts, stressed-out mornings leading into low-energy afternoons. Hectic evenings of fast-food dinners and a family trying to finish checking things off their list just in time to go to bed. Day after day, barely clearing each hurdle with no time to look ahead to the next.

Then, she began to Thrive.

“It was about 2 ½ years ago,” Mejia said. “I was in my 18th year in the Air Force and the job I had was more stressful than any I had before. I was tired more and stressed out more. I needed more energy, I needed mood support. I needed a boost somewhere just to be effective.

“I was drinking four or five Pepsis a day and trying to get energy boosts from Cheetos and Snickers bars. I even tried energy drinks and other nutrition-type stuff. I did not get the results I was looking for.”

A post by one of her Facebook friends led Mejia to try something new – Thrive. Almost immediately, she saw life-changing results.

“A friend of mine from high school posted a picture on her Facebook page,” Mejia said. “I sent her a message and said, ‘What is that stupid thing on your arm?’ She said it was great and it would give me energy and that I should try it.”

Mejia now wears one of those “stupid things” she asked her friend about – a Thrive vitamin patch that utilizes dermafusion technology. Mejia said she went from scoffer to believer as soon as she tried it.

“I decided to try it for three days, and on day one, I felt more alert,” she said. “I didn’t have one Pepsi that day. I went cold turkey and I have never had one since.”

Mejia grew up near the Quad Cities in Illinois. After a couple years of college, she enlisted in the Air Force.

“I lived in 10 places all around the world,” she said. “I was a truck driver for four years and in communications for 14.”

She reached the rank of master sergeant. Along the way she met her husband, Anthony, and they began to build a family. They now have a 9-year-old girl and 7-year-old twins – a boy and a girl. The increased demands of her personal life were accompanied by a much more stressful assignment in the Air Force.

“I was a military training leader,” she said. “I was responsible for between 600 new Airmen learning their job skills.”

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, Mejia took her friend’s advice and tried Thrive. She credits the Thrive products with helping her change her life from being dragged through each day to seizing and storming through them.

“For one thing our mornings changed,” she said. “Instead of hitting the snooze until the last minute and rushing around yelling at everybody, I would wake up on time, well-rested and with more energy. The kids noticed the difference. They said ‘Mom, you’re not yelling. You’re smiling. You’re happy.’”

Anthony also noticed the difference and he quickly became a Thriver as well. Anna recently retired from the Air Force after serving for 20 years. She started being a Brand Promoter for Thrive while still in the Air Force, and she does it full-time now as an independent brand promoter.

She said the change in her family is remarkable.

“We have more energy in the evenings to help them with there homework or play outside,” she said. “Before, we would have just wanted to put them in front of the computer. On weekends, we used to lay around and watch movies and take naps. We started to go places and do things and be more active.”

Mejia stressed that Thrive is a nutritional supplement.

“It is designed to fill in your nutritional gaps,” she said.

Mejia said it’s easy for her to promote Thrive because it works for her. She said she never has to pressure people.

“I’m not the kind of promoter who goes after people,” she said. “I would rather have a friend than a sale. I want to have life-long Thrivers, right alongside me. Not one-time sales.”

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