Greason, House Delegates Introduce Bills to Fight Distracted Driving

Greason, House Delegates Introduce Bills to Fight Distracted Driving

On Jan. 24, Del. Tag Greason (R-32) joined fellow state delegates Rich Anderson (R-51) and Ron Villanueva (R-21) at a press conference in Richmond, Virginia, to showcase their efforts to fight distracting driving.

Anderson presented HB 1834, which will close existing loopholes in the Virginia code to disallow the use of mobile applications like Facebook and Twitter, while protecting drivers’ use of GPS navigation. Villanueva presented HB 1606, which will strengthen existing penalties for distracted drivers in work zones.

Greason, whose district includes parts of Loudoun County, announced his introduction of HB 1763, a bill to create specialized license plates to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

“All across Virginia, citizens are demanding we take action to cut down on distracted driving to save lives and make our roads safer,” said Greason. “The goal of my HB 1763 is to create a license plate campaign designed to engage high school students and raise awareness as part of a coordinated effort with my colleagues. Holding an open competition for the plates artwork empowers our youngest drivers to hold us all accountable to put down our phones when behind the wheel.”

The Virginia DMV reports that 24 percent of fatal crashes involved distracted driving in 2016.  In the past decade, Virginia has averaged approximately 700 fatal crashes a year.