Inova Loudoun Announces $5 Million Gift

Inova Loudoun Announces $5 Million Gift

On Nov. 29, Inova Loudoun Hospital announced a $5 million donation from Fred, Karen and Bobbi Schaufeld for the medical center’s Heart and Vascular Institute. The gift is the largest single cash gift ever donated in the 104-year history of Inova Loudoun and the largest contribution to any of Inova’s five cardiac care centers.

The contribution will go to the growth and support of the Schaufeld Family Heart Center. The Schaufeld’s donated $1 million to the hospital’s cardiac unit in 2005, helping to create two cardiac cath and vascular procedure rooms. The latest donations will replace the rooms and help fund a new state-of-the-art electrophysiology lab.

“When I’m thinking back to what have I done, and what I am proud of there will be nothing I’ll be more proud of than the work that we’ve done for the cardiac care of Loudoun County and I’ll also know, without a doubt, the Schaufeld family was behind it,” Inova Director of Cardiology Dean Pollock said.

Gifts like those from the Schaufeld family have help drop mortality rates for patients treated for heart attacks at Inova from 18 percent in 1986 to less than four percent in 2016. This is in large part due to the staff and equipment at the Loudoun facility that has dramatically reduced response time for treating patients suffering from heart attacks to below the national average.

“I am awe inspired to hear everything that was said here tonight,” Fred Schaufeld said. “This has gone way beyond where we originally thought.”

Fred Schaufeld is the creator of New Customer Services Companies and a member of the board of NEW Asurion, the world’s largest consumer product protection company. A Loudoun County resident, he is also a part owner of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NHL’s Washington Capitals.