Inova Loudoun Hosts Trick-or-Treat for Pediatric Kids

Inova Loudoun Hosts Trick-or-Treat for Pediatric Kids

Four-year-old Lillian Taylor woke up this morning disappointed she couldn’t go trick-or-treating.

Luckily for Lillian, the staff at Inova Loudoun Hospital was prepared to bring the fun of Halloween to her.

As part of its first ever “Reverse Trick-or-Treating” event Oct. 31, the pediatric ward at Inova transformed into a trick or treat center for children who couldn’t leave to celebrate at home.

“It’s amazing” Lauren Taylor, Lillian’s mom, said. Taylor said her daughter had already picked out her costume, a witch, in advance and she was hoping to organize something special for Lillian before finding out what the hospital had planned.

Hospital staff members from all departments dressed up in costumes and went door to door at the ward, dropping off books, toys and other goodies for the children spending Halloween in the hospital.

Allison Halverson of Inova’s pediatric ward said she was inspired by similar events at a previous hospital she had worked for. With Inova’s pediatric ward typically hosting special events for the holidays, the reverse trick-or-treating was a logical fit.

“This is the easiest way to do it for the kids,” Halverson said. “Some can’t come out of their room, some are on bed rest right now, so this brings the fun to them.”

Several dozen Inova staff members were joined by County firefighters and sheriff’s officers as well.

“I think this is a really fun time for the community to come together, get to see the kids and show how much they support everyone,” Inova Loudoun Director of Patient Care Sonya Sterbutzel said. “This is even more overwhelming to me than what I thought it would be.”