June Belmont Ridge Road Lane Closures Announced

June Belmont Ridge Road Lane Closures Announced

Loudoun County officials announced an upcoming long-term right lane closure on southbound Belmont Ridge Road, south of Riverside Parkway and extending south of the signal at Promenade Drive. The lane closures are necessary for the construction of the Route 7 and Belmont Ridge Road interchange.

The Belmont Ridge Road southbound right lane closure is set to begin on or about 9 a.m. June 12 and is expected to continue until 3:30 p.m. June 23, weather permitting. During this time, the southbound right lane of Belmont Ridge Road will remain closed until the new section of Belmont Ridge Road is connected to the existing Belmont Ridge Road.

Click the interactive map for information on the road closures.

Additionally, the double left turn lanes from Promenade Drive onto southbound Belmont Ridge Road will be reduced to one active left turn lane during this closure period. Drivers exiting the Lansdowne Town Center from Promenade Drive will be limited to one left turn lane onto southbound Belmont Ridge Road and one right turn lane onto northbound Belmont Ridge Road. Pavement marking and signage will be modified at Promenade Drive to communicate these changes.

Signage will be in place and will remain until the right lane on Belmont Ridge Road is re-opened on or about June 23. Updates and notices for the Route 7/659 Interchange project construction phase can be found on the county’s website.