Latest Inova Fundraising Effort Hopes to Save Lives Closer to Home

Latest Inova Fundraising Effort Hopes to Save Lives Closer to Home

Two years ago, Sharon Virts nearly lost her younger brother. If it hadn’t been for medical help from the Inova Medical system, Kevin Michael Virts might have died from a massive brain tumor. While she was grateful for initial treatment from the Inova Cornwall Campus emergency room in Leesburg, the FCiFederal CEO was disappointed she had to travel to Fairfax to visit her brother during his recovery.

“Every time we send a patient to Farifax, we give away the confidence of our residents and our system here in Loudoun,” Virts said.

That experience, which thousands of other Loudoun residents have shared for decades, helped inspire the Virts to lead a new fundraising campaign to bring a world class medical facility closer to home.

During an event at the historic Selma Mansion outside Leesburg, Virts, her husband Scott Miller and dozens of hospital and community leaders formally announced Loudoun Rising, the latest effort to finance Inova Loudoun Hospital’s master plan. The new fundraising initiative looks to collect $20 million to upgrade the hospital with new state-of-the art facilities and technologies while better assisting Loudoun residents with life-saving services that aren’t currently available locally.

Bolstered by a $5 million contribution from the family of Fred and Karen Schaufeld along with $2 million from Virts and Miller, the campaign has already collected $12 million of the $20 million goal.

In part through previous fundraising campaigns from these donors and many others, Inova has already staked itself as a leader in regional health care. Still, Inova Loudoun doesn’t have the resources for some types of significant trauma care, meaning Loudoun residents may have to be transported to facilities in Fairfax.

Offering these critical services in Loudoun is a major part of the hospital’s larger $300 million master expansion plan, expected to be completed by 2020. The plan is centered around a seven-story patient tower with private rooms. It also includes expanded trauma care, neonatal intensive care unit, heart and vascular services and an expanded intermediate as well as intensive care units.

Additionally, the campaign looks to bolster mental health services, a major priority for local elected leaders and community members.

“This campaign is a bold initiative that will have significant and meaningful impact on our health, our children’s health and even our grandchildren’s health,” Virts said.