LCSO Warns Residents of Robbery Threat Known as ‘Bank Jugging’

LCSO Warns Residents of Robbery Threat Known as ‘Bank Jugging’

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is warning people who transport large sums of money to banks of a new robbery threat known as ‘bank jugging’ after a robbery outside a Chantilly convenience store last month.

Two suspects are in custody in Houston in connection with the robbery, which was is believed to be one of the first cases of ‘bank jugging’ in the Washington, D.C., area.

Rodney T. Wilson, 39, and Roderick J. Glenn, 38, of Houston are being held in Texas on charges stemming from the April 9 robbery of a victim outside of Croson’s Deli and Market on John Mosby Highway.

The robbery is similar to thefts plaguing the Houston area in which suspects stake out bank parking lots and watch for customers who leave the financial institutions with large sums of money. The suspects, in most cases, then target the victim’s vehicle when it is left unattended – or they engage in a strong-arm robbery.

In the Loudoun County robbery, the victim, an employee of the store, was assaulted by one of the suspects who then stole a large sum of money. The money was being handled by the victim as part of his businesses operations.

Detectives with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office learned that the victim had traveled from a bank in Annandale and was robbed when he returned to Loudoun County.

Detectives were able to identify the suspects and learned that the suspects had traveled from the Houston area to Washington, D.C., shortly before the robbery and returned to Texas shortly after the incident.

Wilson and Glenn face charges in Loudoun County of robbery. Wilson remains held in Texas and is awaiting extradition back to Virginia. Glenn is also being held on local charges out of Texas.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is advising people who transport  large sums of money to take these following safety measures:

• Be discreet

• Don’t carry money in bank bags, bank envelopes, and other large bags seemingly holding cash

• If possible, stow money in a purse or pocket

• Don’t leave valuables in your car — it’s like a welcome sign for thieves

• Be aware of your surroundings

• Make sure no one follows you

• If you feel you are being followed, keep driving and call 911

Joseph Dill