Leaders Celebrate Pacific Blvd Extension

Leaders Celebrate Pacific Blvd Extension

Local officials, law enforcement officers and leaders behind the Kincora project commemorated the completion of the Pacific Blvd extension to Russell Branch Pky on Dec. 9.

The newly finished road will connect Russell Branch to Gloucester Parkway in Ashburn, and provide an alternate route and congestion relief parallel to Loudoun’s major traffic corridors along Rt. 7 and Rt. 28.

“This is amazing. Look what our county is doing,” said Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run). “We’re not just saying traffic is bad, we’re doing something about it. And we’re doing something creative with the funding structure to get it done.”

The four-lane road project was part of a private-public partnership between Loudoun County, the Commonwealth of Virginia and Kincora, the massive mixed-use development set to begin construction around the new road. In addition to proffers from Kincora, the project was aided by a loan from the Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank, a non-reverting, revolving loan fund created to finance private-public transportation projects like this one. These contributions helped the project finish an estimated 10 years ahead of how long it usually takes to complete similar projects.

This is the fifth bridge over Broad Run. The fourth, an extension of Gloucester Parkway, was part of this larger project and was completed earlier this year.  Both are considered important links in the county’s comprehensive transportation plan.