Leesburg Mayor, New Council Members Sworn In

Leesburg Mayor, New Council Members Sworn In

Kelly Burk was sworn in as the new Mayor of the Town of Leesburg, and Thomas Dunn, Ron Campbell and Ken Reid took their oaths as Town Council members in a ceremony Dec. 15 at Ida Lee Park.

“I know the residents want a Council that works together to reach goals and makes sure the residents’ quality of life is better for being on the Council, and I most certainly will work towards those goals and more,” Burk said.

Burk previously served as the Town’s vice-mayor. A former member of the Town Council and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Burk begins her first two-year term as mayor starting in January.

“I’m excited to be the new Mayor and I have great expectations for the next two years,” Burk said. “I know how important it is for the citizens to have a fair, open and honest government and I intend to provide that.”

In addition to her work in government, Burk was a special education teacher with Loudoun County Public Schools until her retirement in 2014. She campaigned in part on being a full-time Mayor, the only mayoral candidate of the three running to do so. Burk defeated current mayor Dave Butler and former Council member Kevin Wright.

After taking the oath, Burk said she’ll focus on transportation projects, as well as new development and growth “as long as it’s the right development, in the right place for the right reason.”

Joining Burk in the ceremony were Dunn, Campbell and Reid.

Dunn returns to the Council for his third-consecutive four-year term. He previously served on the Leesburg Planning Commission and the Leesburg Economic Development Council.

Speaking before a crowd of supporters, family members and community leaders, Dunn asked Leesburg residents’ help to make the Council as successful as possible.

“We need you to stay involved and stay active, make us accountable, provide us that information so we can gather it so we can make wise decisions providing you the services you so dearly want,” Dunn said.

Campbell was sworn in for his first term. The owner of a business development consulting company, he currently serves on the Leesburg Environmental Advisory Commission.

“I really believe there is an opportunity for us to engage different voices, different families, different friends, different parts of our community to continue to grow Leesburg, in a way that not just makes us proud today, but will also all leave legacies,” Campbell said.

Joining Dunn and Campbell is Reid, who takes the Council oath for the third time. He previously served on Council for two terms beginning in 2006 and 2010, respectively. He was later elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2011 before stepping down after one term.

Reid talked about some of the major issues facing Leesburg, including traffic backups on the north side of town on U.S. 15 as well as efforts to enhance the Downtown district’s viability. He also stressed the importance of working collaboratively within the Council and the Board of Supervisors.

“It’s my hope we won’t work against each other, but figure out how to get to ‘yes’,” Reid said.