Leesburg Preschoolers Celebrate National Engineering Week

Leesburg Preschoolers Celebrate National Engineering Week

A group of Loudoun preschoolers took science, technology, engineering, art and math learning to all-new heights.

Last month, the Goddard School preschoolers in Leesburg kicked off a weeklong STEAM campaign beginning in National Engineering Week. As part of the activities, Preschoolers built replicas of Washington D.C.’s historical monuments with everyday objects like pasta, Styrofoam and coffee stirrer sticks.

The projects also allowed them to use critical thinking skills to experiment, collaborate in groups and learn the history as well as the famous occupants in U.S. government. The students built landmarks such as the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial, spokesperson Christine Kim said.

“The STEAM initiative was extremely successful with our students. All the STEAM concepts they learned throughout the year were put really into action,” the Leesburg Goddard School owner Akhil Govil said.

The Goddard School approach is grounded in accepted research on how children learn best. Children experience learning through play and fun activities guided by highly trained teachers, Kim said. Learning through play works because children are more likely to remember lessons if they enjoy them, and they are more likely to show enthusiasm for learning if they have fun at school, so the Goddard School embraces hands-on projects.

“It was amazing to see how creative they got with building the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and others,” Govil said.