Lerner in Loudoun

Lerner in Loudoun

Lerner Enterprises has come a long way since its founding in the 1950s. While it may be best known in Loudoun County for developing the Dulles Town Center, Lerner has also been responsible for Vintage Park, Dulles Highpoint, Nokes Plaza, developments at Beaumeade, as well as residential and office buildings around the Dulles, Sterling and Ashburn areas.

In some cases, Lerner purchased land well in advance of developing projects and has been involved in the county for decades.

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Early 1970s — Ted Lerner purchases half of the land that would become Dulles Town Center

1985 — Lerner purchases land at the intersection of 606 and 28 and starts to build Vintage Park

1986 — Beaumeade purchased

1987 — Dulles 28 center purchased; Highpoint land purchased

1988 — Balance of Dulles Town Center purchased

1989 — Round Hill development purchased