• To the Editor: Vets and Suicide

    To the Editor: Vets and Suicide0

    • LTEs
    • September 12, 2016

    We hear every day about the problem of veteran suicide. The men and women who serve and sacrifice for us deserve the care they need for dealing with the aftermath of their tours of duty. The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Bill was passed last year to address these challenges, and was signed into law by

  • To the Editor: Comstock Wrong on Guns0

    I am a Loudoun Mom of two children. I am concerned about gun violence and the lax laws governing gun sales and ownership. I was horrified when Trump incited gun violence via his “Second Amendment” followers. I waited and waited for our Congressional representative Barbara Comstock to denounce his comments, but all I heard were

  • To the Editor: More Trees for Leesburg

    To the Editor: More Trees for Leesburg0

    Thank you one and all. Two thousand Redbud trees were given away at our booth at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival this year, courtesy of the Leesburg Tree Commission. The popular booth was staffed by youth volunteers from Heritage High school, the Kincaid Forest HOA, Loudoun County Tree Stewards, Mayor Dave Butler and his

  • To the Editor: Residents Must Remain Vigilant on AT&T, Short Hill

    To the Editor: Residents Must Remain Vigilant on AT&T, Short Hill0

    By Geary Higgins. It’s been a little over two weeks since the Commission Permit for the proposed AT&T facility on Short Hill was overruled by the Board of Supervisors. This is just about the right time to reflect on some important conclusions and observations. I would like to thank the many citizens who came out

  • To the Editor: Chamber of Commerce Wrong on Nightlife0

    Tony Howard is cut from the same cloth as the money-obsessed businessmen who ruined Arlington and Falls Church, both places I used to live. They couch their arguments in such caring terms for the welfare of all. I know better; such people are only interested in unending growth and lining their wallets. While the areas

  • To the Editor: The LGBT Proclamation

    To the Editor: The LGBT Proclamation0

    Pride is an interesting concept. Pride often reflects an attitude of arrogance, and while there may be instances where pride is a good thing (such as patriotism or support for those who have sacrificed in service to our country and community), having our Loudoun County government publically proclaim to be proud of the lesbian, gay,

  • To the Editor: AT&T and Short Hill Mountain0

    The Board of Supervisors overruled the Planning Commission on the AT&T application for a Commission Permit to build their proposed huge facility on Short Hill Mountain.  The basis for the overrule was that AT&T, to their credit, had withdrawn their application. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize and thank the several hundred citizens who mobilized