Local Effort Hopes to Ease Homelessness Over Holidays

Local Effort Hopes to Ease Homelessness Over Holidays

It’s easy to overlook housing as a real problem for many Loudoun resident when living in one of the most affluent places in the country.

Beverley Cross McCauley is hoping to ease some of the struggles faced by homeless young people and share holiday cheer in the process.

One of McCauley’s sons suffered a serious fall several years ago that nearly killed him. When paramedics arrived he had no pulse, but they were able to revive him. While recovering, he told his mom he wanted to help kids that didn’t have the love and support he experienced.  McCauley took this desire to heart.  Last holiday season McCauley and her family rallied community members to create 250 Christmas bags and donate them to Mobile Hope, a local nonprofit that serves homeless and precariously housed youths — of which it’s estimated there are more than 1,000 in Loudoun County.

Although 250 was a large number, McCauley felt it paled in comparison to how many needed help. Her goal this year is to meet Mobile Hope’s estimates and have 1,000 bags to donate. McCauley said she’s received 50 bags so far and is hoping county residents will be moved to help once they become aware. The bags will be delivered to Mobile Hope for distribution during their Christmas Dinner Dec. 17.

Bags should ideally contain a new or gently used coat, one sweatshirt, hat, pair of gloves, one new pack of underwear, a new pack of socks, an outdoor toy like a ball or frisbee, protein or granola bars, and a Chik-Fil-A giftcard or other prepaid gift card to be used for a hot meal.

The clothing in the bags should all be the same size so that they can be used by the same child, McCauley said.

McCauley said the bags don’t have to contain every single item on the list, but the more the better. She also recommended going to Dollar Store for reasonably priced items and mentioned that Walgreens sells sweatshirts two for $10. McCauley is accepting bags, or donations of items to go toward bags.

“Make Christmas better for the 1000 homeless kids in Loudoun County,” McCauley said.

Donations should be dropped off at Hunt Country Masonry located at 5 Wirt Street SW, Suite 100, in Leesburg.