Local Style Consultant, Nordstrom Rack Team Up to Give Back to Veterans

Local Style Consultant, Nordstrom Rack Team Up to Give Back to Veterans

A northern Virginia-based style consultant and the Sterling Nordstrom Rack are partnering this Father’s Day for a free image workshop event, with a percentage of proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Ihsaan Ali, a Herndon resident and Navy veteran, has always had an appreciation for fashion. Ali said he frequently gets stopped in the street by people of all ages who ask about his outfit, so six months ago, he started Style Jumper Image Consulting.

“Given the opportunity, every man needs a boost to their personal style and my focus is really helping guys become gentlemen,” Ali said. “Not flashy, but eye catching.”

Ali grew up in Florence, South Carolina and was raised by women. He said his grandmother and aunts were very particular about how he dressed and he learned how to put his clothes together. When he got older, he moved to Los Angeles to be a model after serving in the Navy. Then he entered the sales side of the fashion industry.

But wherever he went, he always made sure his appearance was up to his standards. Whenever possible, Ali wears a suit. He misses the days where men wore suits daily and tries to emulate that style. Style is important because it can impact opportunities, relationships, self-esteem and self awareness.

“It can really change your trajectory,” Ali said. “Whether that be a job or just going into a meeting or going on a date for the first time. It’s just great to wear something appropriate and look great.”

One of Ali’s biggest pieces of advice is simple: know your measurements. The biggest mistake that men make is wearing clothes that are too big or too tight, he said. As a image consultant, he helps people find their sense of style and right fit through hourly consulting, physical and virtual wardrobe management and personal shopping.

“With the proper fit, one can actually look like they’ve magically lost 10 pounds,” Ali said.

Ali’s free workshop is open to everyone and starts at 8 a.m. June 17. He will provide tips on color coordination, perfect fit and upgrading current wardrobes. All proceeds during the event from 8 to 10 a.m. will go to Wounded Warrior and Ali hopes to raise at least $2,500.

Anyone can RSVP with Loubna Harb at Loubna.Harb@nordstrom.com or call 703-948-0100 ext. 1201 for the June 17 event.

“Mother’s day restaurants are packed, you can’t get a reservation and mom typically gets this lavish gift if possible and then dad might get a t-shirt,” Ali said, laughing. “I think it will be awesome to do something special for guys and dads and the event will be able to offer a gift back to the community.”