Lord Percy Pardoned in Purcellville

Lord Percy Pardoned in Purcellville

One Purcellville turkey is going to have a very good Thanksgiving.

As part of its first-annual Turkey Pardoning, Lord Percy of Fields of Athenry Farms in Purcellville was official pardoned by Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall and town Mayor Kwasi Fraser.

“He will not be on anyone’s plate for thanksgiving,” Fraser said. “With this pardon, he will not be greeted with a knife, but will be greeted with life.”

Lord Percy was selected because of his name, which naturally ties to the town, said Ellen Bowlend of Athenry Farms. Now Lord Percy will live out his life at the Purcellville farm- without threat of becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Randall and Fraser were joined by several other members of the town council at the event held at Purcellville’s town hall. As part of the festivities, Randall read an original poem.

“It’s my honor to pardon Lord Percy the turkey/I think it’s appropriate to show him this mercy/His gift to me is that I will be thinner/because Lord Percy will not be my dinner,” Randall said.

On a more serious note, Randall said the event spotlights food deficiencies for many in the county, particularly during the holidays.

“With the holidays coming it’s so important to remember to donate to food pantries, to work in the food shelters and do as much as you can to make sure that everyone in Loudoun County has a prosperous holiday season and nobody in the county goes hungry,” Randall said.