Loudoun 4-H Receives Grant from NRA Foundation

Loudoun 4-H Receives Grant from NRA Foundation

The National Rifle Association Foundation has awarded the Loudoun County 4-H Shooting Education Program a grant of over $5,000 worth of equipment to provide county youth with the opportunity to learn shooting skills and compete.

“We are very excited about our grant, and pleased that the NRA is making an investment in our youth and community,” Extension Agent Carly Griffith said in a release.

The Loudoun 4-H Shooting Education Program teaches youth gun safety, form accuracy and proper sporting usage of target firearms. Grants such as this from the NRA Foundation decrease expenses for participating families, according to Loudoun 4-H officials.

“Thanks to the grants of state-of-the-art equipment from the NRA, several of our shooters were able to travel to a recent state-wide competition and out-shoot a number of their peers,” Loudoun 4-H said in a statement. “This new equipment was vital in allowing our naturally talented shooters realize their full potential.”

More than 176,000 young people between the ages of 5 and 19 participate in Virginia 4-H activities each year with the help of over 15,000 adult and youth volunteers.