Loudoun County Doubles Investments in FY 2016

Loudoun County Doubles Investments in FY 2016

In fiscal year 2016, which just ended on June 30, the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development (DED) recruited or retained a record 71 businesses. Those businesses altogether invested more than $2.3 billion in the county — more than any investments earned by any other county in Virginia, and double the amount earned by Loudoun in fiscal year 2015.

“Loudoun County is one of America’s real economic development success stories,”  DED’s Executive Director Buddy Rizer said in a release.

“This has been economic development’s best year on record,” Lois Kirkpatrick, the department’s Marketing and Communications Manager said.

“This year saw wins across the board,” Rizer continued. “Aviation deals like Airbus, logistics deals like JK Moving, government contractors like FCi Federal and Saab Defense, life sciences projects like PepperPath, wins in the rural economy like Pilot Malt House and Black Hops Farm, international wins like Hydro Systems, and great startup stories like Brickyard, Solebrity and XGility.”

The DED has published its annual report of business activity and accomplishment and it is available on their website.