Loudoun County Electronics Recycling Event Scheduled Oct. 27

Loudoun County Electronics Recycling Event Scheduled Oct. 27

The next Electronics Recycling Event sponsored by Loudoun County is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27, at 751 Miller Drive SE in Leesburg.

Loudoun County residents can recycle televisions, computers, hard drives (on-site destruction available), computer monitors, servers, modems, mainframes, laptops, circuit boards, printers, copiers, stereos, DVD players, DVRs, cable television receivers, VCRs, game consoles, CDs, DVDs, cell phones, iphones, power cords, cables, Christmas lights, and many other electronic devices at the event.

There is a limit of 15 items per vehicle (a box of cables and computer accessories would be considered one item).  Businesses with larger quantities of electronics may contact C2 Management in Berryville at 540-955-5740 for pick-up directly from their business location.

Fees are charged on some items as follows:

  • On-site hard drive destruction service is $10 per hard drive. The hard drive must be removed from the computer prior to the recycling event to be accepted for on-site destruction.
  • For televisions and computer monitors that contain a cathode ray tube and with a screen measuring 30 inches  or smaller (diagonally), the cost is $10 each.
  • Televisions and monitors with a screen size measuring 31 inches or larger, the cost is $20 each to recycle.
  • Console TVs are $20 each.
  • LCD TVs of all sizes are $8, and LCD monitors are $4.

Only cash or a local check will be accepted. Checks should be made payable to C2 Management.  All other items accepted at the event are free of charge.
Note: Please do not leave items at the site beyond the scheduled time of the event.

Items Not Accepted: Printer cartridges, household batteries, automotive  batteries, hazardous wastes, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, thermostats, fire alarms, gas-powered equipment, or household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, stoves, washers and dryers.

For information on disposing of these items, visit loudoun.gov/landfill and loudoun.gov/hhw.

Loudoun County holds two electronics recycling events a year. If you miss an event, there are other local electronics recycling options available.  More information is available at loudoun.gov/electronics or by calling 703-771-5514.

Joseph Dill