Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Everyday Heroes

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Everyday Heroes

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office honored the day-to-day efforts of its own staff, other law enforcement jurisdictions, the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office and two civilians at its 2017 Awards and Recognition Ceremony on Feb. 2.

The awards and recognition program allows members of the agency to nominate their co-workers, partners in law enforcement, and citizens for efforts that often go unrecognized. The nominations are then reviewed by an awards committee. The awarded categories for this year included the Meritorious Service Award, the Meritorious Action Award, the Sheriff’s Excellence Award, the Commendation Award, the Distinguished Training Officer Award and the Master Deputy Program Achievement Award.

Award recipients include:

The Meritorious Service Award, which recognizes performance by a member within the scope of normal responsibilities, but performed in such a manner as to deserve special recognition. Recipients were Sgt. Bill Nugent, Sgt. Linda Cerniglia, and Sgt. Randy Stackpole.

Meritorious Action Award, which recognizes an individual, or team of individuals, who have demonstrated exemplary action in response to a specific situation of an emergency nature, or as part of a routine event, where the member’s exceptional performance merits special recognition.

Recipients were Sgt. Samantha Harwood, Lt. John Buckman, Deputy Katherine Fischer, Deputy Jorge Zavala, Deputy Chris Iversen, DFC Dennis Smith, DFC Travis Westgate, Sgt. Robert Bennett, Det. Tonmy Rodriguez, Lt. Jonathan Weeks (Fairfax County Police Department), Sgt. John Christopher (Prince William County Police Department), Det. Jeffery Pengelly (Fairfax County Police Department), Det. Michael Finelli (Vienna Police Department), Det. Thomas Allen (Leesburg Police Department), Det. Andrew Speights (Manassas City Police Department), Det. Alexis Jara (Fairfax City Police Department), Det. Walter Boyd (Alexandria Police Department), Det. Michael Roche, DFC Matt Vess, DFC Brandon Noland, Sgt. Kevin Ware, DFC Kevin Donlan, Deputy Tige McCurdy, Sgt. Nick Gordon, DFC Donavan Reid, DFC Robert Capella, Deputy Courtni Green, Deputy Tyler Bauer, Lt. Craig Schleiden, Sgt. Paul Loconti, Master Deputy Tom Mengel, Det. Rob Reed, Officer Cory O’Neal (Haymarket Police Department), DFC Eric Lu, Deputy Ben Fornwalt, Deputy Tavis Henry, and Deputy Juan Vargas.

Sheriff’s Excellence Award, which recognizes senior, civilian, supervisors and senior, front line, sworn supervisors for superior job knowledge, devotion to duty, and dedication to the community and the agency. The recipient was Master Deputy Matt Devaney.

Master Deputy Program Achievement Award, which recognizes deputies with the Master Deputy Program for superior job knowledge, devotion to duty specifically related to career path, dedication to those they serve, and loyalty to the Sheriff’s Office The recipient was Master Deputy Tom Mengel.

Distinguished Training Officer Award, which recognizes Training Officers who consistently demonstrate distinguished performance in the area of training within their respective division. The recipient was  Master Deputy Chuck Round.

Commendation Award, which was awarded by Sheriff Mike Chapman to any individual or team of individuals, for an act that materially contributes to the accomplishment of Sheriff’s office goals or for an act that warrants special recognition in the public interest.

Recipients were DFC Victor LoPreto, Captain Michael Kehne (Loudoun County Fire/Rescue), Det. David Orr, Det. Peter Roque, Det. Corinne Czekaj, Det. Justin Oksanen, Det. Shawn Smith, Det. Patrick Beaver, Sgt. Steve Schochet, Investigator Billy Collins, DFC Ethan Martin, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Alejandra Rueda, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Nicole Wittman, DFC Jeff Cichocki, DFC Gary Ace, Master Deputy Rick Garis, Dispatch Supervisor Chris McDonald, Dispatcher Lachersha Bennet, Dispatcher Miranda Freeman, Dispatcher Jen Cyr, Dispatcher Janice Heilman, Lt. Dave Hill, Lt. Calvin Moore, Sgt. Mike Beatty, DFC Jamie Holben, DFC Andrew Raughley, Beth Flaherty (Loudoun County Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Services), Master Deputy Mike Hall, Brian Everhart (Loudoun County Public Schools), Det. Mark Bush, Officer Robert Casanova (Fairfax County Police Department), Officer Jimmy Jones (Fairfax County Police Department), Det. Richard Early (Fairfax County Police Department), and Loudoun resident Christopher Casanova.

Joseph Dill