Loudoun County’s Randall Receives National Recognition for Leadership, Problem-Solving

Loudoun County’s Randall Receives National Recognition for Leadership, Problem-Solving

At the start of every meeting of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, the members share what meetings, seminars or events they attended since the last meeting.

Chair Phyllis Randall always has an extensive report, showing how almost on a daily basis she has been representing, gathering information for and/or advocating for Loudoun County interests.

Those efforts have gained national attention, with the announcement this morning (June 19) that Randall was selected to the Women in Government Leadership Program hosted by Governing Magazine. Randall is one of just 25 people from around the United States selected for the class of 2019, and the only county board member from Virginia on the list.

Elected officials from 20 states were chosen for the program, based on the criteria of being “problem-solvers who are making a difference in the communities they serve and are blazing a trail for future women.” Randall, who is the first African-American woman elected as chair at-large in Virginia, noted the women who have blazed the trail ahead of her.

“I am honored to have been recognized by Governing Magazine but would be remiss not to acknowledge all the women who paved the way for me to be allowed to serve in Loudoun,” Randall said. “Counties and communities are electing women across the nation to tackle today’s most pressing issues and I am looking forward to joining these forward-thinking women from across the country to identify real world solutions that can improve our government’s performance for future generations.”

The leadership programs aims to broaden participants’ leadership, in part, through a network of women who mentor and inspire other women to run for office.

Randall was elected as chair of the board of supervisors in November of 2015. She represents the county on the board of directors of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and is serving as a COG corporate vice president for 2018. She also was elected vice chair of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority for 2018, and she represents Loudoun on the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, the Dulles Area Transportation Association, the Route 28 Transportation Improvement District Commission and the Loudoun County Disability Services Board.

Randall was nominated by leadership at Governing Magazine and selected by the Governing Institute based on her educational accomplishments, personal recommendations and a commitment to actively participating in her community. Governing magazine is the nation’s leading media platform covering politics, policy and management for state and local government leaders.

The honorees will be featured in the February 2019 issue of Governing Magazine, participate in monthly meetings and attend leadership development retreats with travel and accommodations provided by the Governing Institute. The program is designed enhance the development of women leaders, promote problem-solving through leadership, demonstrate how to continue to make a difference in the communities they serve and teach crucial skills for governing.

For more information, visit governing.com/gov-institute/wig.

Joseph Dill