Loudoun High Schoolers Experience Working at Inova

Loudoun High Schoolers Experience Working at Inova
Broad Run student Francico Meersohn and Rock Ridge student Anha Telluri interact with a patient during the Job-for-a-Day program at Inova Loudoun Hospital

On Nov.16 and 21, a select group of students experienced a day working at a hospital – no medical degree required.

As part of the 14th annual Job-for-a-Day program, Loudoun County high school students saw firsthand what it takes to make a career at Inova Loudoun Hospital. Inova’s program spanned two separate dates, and featured 50 total students who spent the day at the hospital.

Overall, more than 350 area high school juniors and seniors participated in the Job-for-a-Day program at businesses and organizations across Loudoun. Organized by the Loudoun School-Business Partnership, this year’s event allowed the students to interact with professionals in 126 partner organizations.

Event organizers use the Job-for-a-Day program to showcase businesses in Loudoun and help students make decisions for their professional futures after graduating from high school.

“We want our students to go off, get their higher education, get their degrees, but selfishly we want them to come back to Loudon County,” said Inova Government and Community Relations Liaison Stacey Miller. “So it’s incumbent on us to make sure it’s a great experience for them so they remember, when they’re applying for jobs after getting their degrees, to think about us.”

Across the county, and particularly at Inova, the program has students work as participants, not merely as spectators.

“Our nurses and senior leaders don’t go ‘Oh, it’s job for a day? What am I going to be do with the students?’ They know, they bring them in and they put them in scrubs and the students get the experience,” Miller said.

Some participating students at Inova worked alongside doctors and nurses in assisting patients. A few students were even on-hand in the hospital’s delivery room during a live birth.

“It’s shown me how meticulous everything is in health care, and there’s a reason for it,” said Rock Ridge High School student Anha Teeluri, who worked in the hospital’s surgical ward.

Students had to apply to participate by submitting an application and a resume. For those interested in working at Inova, they could apply for positions ranging from public relations and hospital management to surgery and operations.

Participating students and Inova staff agreed the event provides an experience they couldn’t get any other way.

“I think it’s great for the future,” said Inova Director of Perioperative and Surgical Services Becky Valdesuso. “These could be future surgeons or nurses and it’s interesting to them, so hopefully they’ll go back and talk to their teachers, and make somebody else excited about surgery and health care. “